Invisible Illness Awareness Week 2015: Sept 28 – Oct 4

Dealing with illness is hard enough already. You’re trying to get through your day while taking medicine and trying to heal your body. You just feel like a mess.

Dealing with chronic illness makes it harder because it’s a daily struggle. Adding the pressure of those uninformed people who judge you for being sick again starts to eat at you mentally.

Dealing with an invisible chronic illness might just have to be the most insane thing anyone could have to deal with. You’re struggling daily, but you don’t look sick. You are repeatedly told to just have good thoughts and you will feel better. I promise you sir, I have thought and wished so hard to be “better” my head could explode.

But the world works in funny ways and phrasing should always be carefully planned. I wished “to be better” not cured. I’m not rid of my illness but as a person I consider myself “better.” I now know what is important in life. I know how far I can push myself and I have learned to live within these limits. I know how to manage my spoons and I feel sad for those that will never figure out the answers to certain life questions until it’s too late. I am “better” because I am strong enough to be a voice for those who are too weak at the moment to speak up and educate others.

It’s Invisible Illness Awareness Week and there are so many invisible illnesses out there! They range from well known like Cancer to the misunderstood like mental illness and eating disorders to the unheard of like Gastroparesis. I intend to spread awareness as much as I can and would appreciate your help in sharing information also.

IIWK 2015


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