Day 12 of Gastroparesis Awareness Month — Testing for Diagnosis

#GastroparesisAwarenessMonth Day 12: #Testing for#Diagnosis

The issue that doctors & patients run into is that each case is different. People can have mild to severe#symptoms at different times. Also, doctors do not agree on a single test or the accuracy of others to diagnose #Gastroparesis right away. Results of tests can vary based on the severity of symptoms at the time of testing. So an individual may have a “normal” test one day and completely different results the next.

Gastroparesis is eventually #diagnosed after many steps– A physical exam, medical history, blood tests, tests to rule out blockage or structural problems in the GI tract, and gastric emptying tests. #Tests may also identify other issues like nutritional disorder or underlying diseases. Your health care provider may perform one or more of the pictured tests plus more to ensure their diagnosis is correct.

I was someone that had “normal” results of almost every test they did. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong and were mostly convinced it was in my head. My local doctors actually dismissed having the emptying test done because their theory was “since the endoscopy was fine and nothing was in there, it would be pointless to have the emptying test done.” They didn’t consider the fact that I hadn’t consumed more than Gatorade and Pedialyte popsicles for almost 2 weeks at the time of the Endoscopy. After looking for a better answer, I had the test done at another hospital and they confirmed Gastroparesis based on test results, medical history, and symptoms.

My take away piece of information I learned and would like others to know is– Just because tests say “normal”, it doesn’t mean it’s normal for your body. Ask questions. Ask for second opinions. Don’t settle for a doctor that gives up on you.

We need a #cure and we need #awareness. We also need doctors willing to #listen and willing to work with us. We need a #method to figure out a diagnosis before we #starve to death looking for answers.

#DTPAwareness #ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness

12 Possible tests


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