Day 8 of Gastroparesis Awareness Month — Feeding Tubes

‪#‎GastroparesisAwarenessMonth‬ Day 8 is a glance at ‪#‎FeedingTubes‬. To be honest this post was hard to condense as each tube could use it’s own post, not to mention the different formulas and methods of feeding. This is a very condensed look at types of tubes that can be used for getting ‪#‎nutrition‬, medication and hydration when oral methods are no longer enough.

In my personal story, I fought as hard as I could to try and avoid a feeding tube. But it got to the point that I could no longer drink water without vomiting. I allowed doctors to place a ‪#‎NJtube‬ as a temporary solution while doctors figured out another plan to help with weight control and nutrition. This tube was inserted through the nostril, down the esophagus, past the stomach, and into the jejunum (the middle section of the small intestine.) I can honestly say this saved my life because without the tube feeds, I was literally ‪#‎starving‬ to death. After 2 months of success with this tube, I had surgery to place a ‪#‎Jtube‬ through my abdominal wall and into the middle of the small intestine. I have had this tube for almost 2 months now and currently use it as a supplement to oral foods.

While tube feeds help those keep up the fight against ‪#‎Gastroparesis‬, it’s not a solution. It’s a band-aid until doctors can find a ‪#‎cure‬. If you find that information on tube feeds could be beneficial to you or to someone you know, please talk to your physician about the many options out there.

Also you can visit:

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8 Tube Feeds


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