Day 7 of Gastroparesis Month — Malnutrition

‪#‎GastroparesisAwarenessMonth‬ Day 7 is focusing on ‪#‎Malnutrition‬. Having‪#‎Gastroparesis‬ means that your ‪#‎diet‬ can fluctuate from “normal” to absolutely nothing in the blink of an eye. A flare up can cause you to live on liquids or nothing at all. When this happens you are missing out on those valuable nutrients that keeps your body going.

After a while your body goes into a panic mode. It’s harvesting ‪#‎energy‬ from anywhere it can get it. You start to lose fat, muscle & bone density. You become physically and mentally weaker. Eventually, you will be diagnosed as Malnourished and will need some sort of assistance.

At first, this broke me. I felt like my ‪#‎independence‬ was taken from me. But then I realized that these options are going to save my life. They are going to keep me from ‪#‎starving‬ until a better idea is presented. Medications, Feeding tubes, and TPN were the options presented to me to be able to get those nutrients I desperately needed. The medications interacted badly with others that I needed so I couldn’t rely on those. TPN had more risks than feeding tubes so I chose the tube route. I am now at a stable weight and and thankful for this because i was losing 10 lbs a month. If it weren’t for the tubes I literally would have starved to death.

We need ‪#‎awareness‬, we need a ‪#‎cure‬. ‪#‎CureGP‬.

7 Malnutrition


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