Hello World

My name is Danae (pronounced Duh-Nay). I’m you average 25 year old female, newly married, and figuring life out one step at a time. I have a great family and amazing friends that are just like family. I lead a pretty average life with my beautiful wife Jen. We have plans and goals just like every other couple. Overall, one would say my life is pretty normal, or as close to what society’s normal can be. I’m usually happy and social and sometimes can get side tracked (so bare with me). My medical history however, that’s where the “excitement” comes in. To give you a visual, back before medical records were digitized– I had two or three manila folders filled to the max. Now, I have 3 apps that keep everything stored on my phone.

This is my first blog. I am by no means a writer or a medical expert. I’ve started this because someone with a medical history like mine needs a place to think out loud. A place where it’s ok to share what you’re experiencing in hopes that it might make a difference to someone searching for a familiar scenario. A place to see the sunshine through the grey sky yet appreciate that sometimes it’s ok to have a grey day every now and again.

Invisible illness- that’s what my life revolves around now. Living life day by day. Being forced to slow down and carefully plan hour by hour. Living with a pill box that stores 18 – 20 pills daily and a journal that reminds me of what I can or cannot eat. An illness that most people don’t know exists and simply can’t believe that doctors can’t/ don’t know how to fix it. The only thing that one can physically see is that I’m losing weight.

I know… Why am I complaining about losing weight? Why is this a bad thing? The answer is simple, really. I’m not trying to lose it. What people don’t realize is that when you aren’t trying to lose weight; you not only lose fat, but you lose muscle and become malnourished. I will get into the gruesome details in my next post. For now I’ll end this post with something I learned in Elementary School. Don’t judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes or live a day in their life.

Until Next Time.


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